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The classic sound score match apk mod 1.21 of leather on willow will soon blend into the buzz of the summer season once more. Now is the time to plan a fantastic start to the new cricket season! Typically cricket matches take place once a week and provide a great opportunity to catch up with all your cricket mates and supporters at the cricket club. However a new way to encourage player interaction and plenty of banter even during non-match days is to go social online by creating a Club Fantasy Cricket League. Sports social networking site tourlegends offers a free application which enables cricket fans & players to create and manage a fantasy cricket league within their club or amongst friends.


Similar to the Fantasy Cricket Leagues related to the IPL, players are assigned a value between 1 and 10 (10 = the better player). A player's value is based on the ability of the player to score points through 'real-life' bowling, batting and fielding performances. Cricket club members then select their fantasy eleven from the list and compete against each other to see who was able to pick the most successful team.


To award points the league creator inputs the 'real life' performances of players into tourlegends which then automatically calculates how many points each player has scored, updates teams with the appropriate points and refreshes league tables. In addition the application calculates the bowling and batting averages as well as the total number of catches, maidens, ducks and stumpings by player and by team. The latter is useful if you've got players from multiple cricket teams in the same fantasy cricket league and it will give the statistics anoraks a nice breather!

The application also allows for players to exchange banter with each other on the fantasy cricket league competition message board as well as to send virtual trophies and gifts to weekly/monthly winners and overall champions. To add additional spice to the Fantasy Cricket League, players can be asked to pay to play with some or all of the takings going towards the prize money, club or charity fundraiser.

To keep up the momentum throughout the cricket season, the league organiser should arrange transfer windows during which players can be swopped in and out of the fantasy cricket teams. The application makes it very easy to manage transfer windows: the fantasy cricket league organiser simply selects a date range and sets the maximum number of players that can be swopped.

The start of the cricket season is clearly the best time to get a Club fantasy cricket league started, so with the Southern Hemisphere gearing up for cricket action let's get the banter going both on the pitch and online!

The 1967 NCAA Basketball Tournament was quite an exciting tournament. This tournament was like years previous. There were 23 teams invited to play to decide which team is the best team in the nation. Those 23 teams participate in single elimination play. The teams that had better season in the regular season are seeded higher than those teams that had poor regular seasons.

The tournament games would be spread over Maryland, Illinois, Kansas, Oregon Colorado, Virginia, Rhode Island and Kentucky. The previous season the world was shocked by the all black team from Texas Western that changed the face of college basketball.


Texas Western started things off right again this year, beating Seattle in the first round of the tournament. Unfortunately, Texas Western did not have any more magic remaining for the 2nd round. They fell to Pacific by a score of 72-63.

The other teams to advance in the first round of the tournament were Princeton, St. John's, Boston College, Dayton and Virginia Tech. North Carolina, Indiana, Tennessee, SMU, Louisville, Kansas, Wyoming, Pacific and UCLA had already earned a bye to the semifinals of their region.

Princeton would have to square off against North Carolina in the semifinals. North Carolina was a solid team and looked like a real contender to win the whole tournament. They showed what they were made of in this game with an impressive victory over Princeton.

Boston College and St. John's faced off in a classic matchup. These teams brought things all the way to the wire as Boston College was able to sneak out a victory by a margin of 63-62. Dayton pulled off a similarly tough win against Tennessee. The final score of that matchup was 53-52.


Virginia Tech, Houston, SMU and UCLA also managed to win their games. The most impressive of all of these victories came at the hands of UCLA. UCLA managed to put their opponents out of their misery with a convincing 109-60 win. This win opened everyone's eyes and UCLA was instantly the team that stood out from the rest of the field.

The next round helped UCLA's case as they took out Pacific by a score of 80-64. UCLA would head to the Final Four without a team really offering a scare to them.

SMU and Houston squared off in a tough battle, but Houston was able to keep things under control. They managed to hold off SMU and took the win by a margin of 8 points.

Dayton managed to take out Virginia Tech and North Carolina easily beat Boston College to become the last two teams in the Final Four.

Dayton and North Carolina would square off on one wide while UCLA and Houston would play on the other side. North Carolina had looked rather impressive to this point, but they were not able to hang with Dayton. Dayton headed to the Finals with a 14 point victory.

UCLA was equally dominant over Houston, winning by 15 points to take on Dayton in the National Championship Game.

The National Championship Game would be another testament to the dominance of UCLA in 1967. They easily took out Dayton by a score of 79-64. UCLA was the new National Championship team.